Enameling dies

New enameling dies

In the last few years Micron started projects for new enameling dies in response to the increase in global demand for electric-powered vehicles. The shift of the production system to a sustainable economy led MICRON and MWC to work together to design and develop new enameling separable dies.

  • Reduction of string-in time and costs
  • A better enamel application
  • Bi-thicknesses higher than normal standards
  • Values of dielectric strength and thermal resistance significantly increased.

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Adjustable tools for enameling flat wires

Micron, in collaboration with MWC, has been producing for more than 10 years enameling dies for rectangular conductors in copper or aluminium made of 4 adjustable basic segments furnished with rolls and springs.

MICRON is also available to provide technical assistance for the design of dedicated enameling die series.

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    Article published on the international magazione "Eurowire" in january 2021 DOWNLOAD ARTICLE